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Portable Class libraries in .Net 4.5

Portable class libraries are a new project type in .Net  4.5 which allow creating cross platform assemblies . It means that you create a class library which can be used in any of the platform which uses windows for any form factor e.g. Windows PC, Surface, Windows Phone and Xbox.

This makes it easy for the developers so that they don’t have to write down different class libraries when they have to target devices of multiple form factors.

Let us create a portable class library.


  1. If you have visual studio 2012 then you already have a project type “Portable Class Library” . you just need to go to the File menu and click on the New -> Project .
  2. The next step is to select the Target framework , you can select two or more frameworks at a time as shown below
  3. After this you are ready to add your logic to the library .
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