How to choose a JavaScript framework AngularJS vs Backbone.JS vs ember.js

The other day I had a look at the info-graphic below. I really liked the details that are provided just in one image. Let’s have a look at this


It is a daunting task to figure out which JavaScript framework you should choose for your project. And the above info graphic can provide just enough insight into current overall standings of these frameworks. It compares AngularJS, Backbone.JS and ember.js. As I had figured out after a look of research that AngularJS may be the right choice at this moment for my project , this info-graphic can help you conclude to this in just looking at the image. You can compare all the details side by side for each of the framework. Each framework has its own pros and cons and you should always give a good amount of your time to finalize the framework you want to choose so that it suits well to your project and you don’t suffer from any project delays or library related problems in the middle of your project. It is rightly said in the infographic that you are actually selecting your poison, as there are pros and cons for every framework and you should pick the poison for which you have developed immunity. We will call this #JavaScriptPoison

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