JavaScript full stack development (MEAN) using Newly announced Microsoft Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu

Microsoft recently launched Visual Studio Code A free cross-platform code editor for linux, Mac and Windows. I thought to give it a try on Ubuntu.

  • First of all let’s download Visual Studio Code from the here
  •  After downloading extract it.
  • Then copy it to a folder where you put your programs in Ubuntu. I copied it to /Programs/Code
  • After copying the folder now we want to be able to run VSCode by just typing Code in our terminal.
  • So, We will add this to bash.bashrc file by entering the following command in terminal.
  • after the file is opened you will add the path to your VSCode directory to PATH variable at the end of bash.bashrc file as shown in the image below
  • Now you are ready to open VSCode by entering just one command from your terminal. “Code” Please note that it is with capital “C” as the name of binary file name starts with capital “C”
  • Here you go. You now have Visual Studio Code setup on your Ubuntu and you can start developing.
  • I have started a sample MEAN(Mongodb, Express, AngularJs, Node.js) project and created it folder structure etc for full stack JavaScript development.

Posted by Sheraz Lodhi

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