What is memcached Client? Starting memcached

memcached: It is a general purpose, opensource and distributed caching system which is used to cache some data so that every time database is not hit. Memcached  can be considered as huge Hashtable that is distributed on multiple servers. Each data value can be pointed by a hash of that key to access that data.
Client-Server Architecture: 
Memcached is based on client-server architecture.The server maintains the large hashtable of key value pairs. The servers keep the values in the RAM and the if the RAM is full the server discards the older values. 

memcached Clients access the server through different set of API’s, exposed by memcached server at port 11211, in order to request a particular object. memcached clients are responsible to create a hash of key, which tells the server to find a particular object value stored in the server memory. Here is a list of memcached – Client API’s .

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